Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pn Aineh

terima kasih untuk segala nya

semoga umur anak mu ni panjang untuk di beri kesempatan untuk membalas jasa mu yg tidak terhitung walaupun dengan nilai wang ringgit

kasih nya ibu membawa ke syurga

kasih nya ayah sepanjang hayat

She is the first to wake up every morning,
With a smile as bright as sunshine,
With a loving heart and friendly soul;

She is the last to go to bed,
With a promise of a wonderful day ahead;
She is my true friend, The only true one;

She consoles me when I am hurt,
Helps me through hard times,
Celebrates my victories however small they may be;

She loves me in a big way,
Too big to say in words,
I owe her a lot;

There is no mother that is better than my mother----a great mother.

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